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Owner, Tamika Holmes was honored by the Birmingham Business Alliance receiving the Young Profesional Award in 2015 for all of her hard work and dedication to helping others develop careers and business.  



Ms. Holmes, Thank you for speaking during our professional development training at YWCA AmeriCorps.  I really appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with us.   The segment on the types of interviews and timeline were very helpful to me!

~Christina Pappas


"Tamika, Just wanted to say Thank You for helping me with my resume.  I was able to venture out of the accounting world and get a job as a Mortgage Loan Officer. ​

~Hannah Griffith


“ I was looking for a job for the last four years.  Tamika assisted me with my resume by making it look more professional.  She also coached me through the interview process. I want to thank you for staying with me on my journey.  You are very encouraging, helpful, and professional.  After all our efforts I got a job. Thank you!”

~Ferehiwot Tefera


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. ™ Divine Consulting Firm, LLC (formerly T.D.H. United) was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

~Kimberly Sims


"God's angel is blessing me with her awesome service. Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much"

~Debra Summerville


"I would just like to stay connected to the company in order to gain more information. Thank you,"

~Latasha J. Humphrey


"I had some attention from my previous resume, but it has been great getting attention from the "new-and-improved" model! Thank you for your assistance, Tamika."

~Charles Baine


"Tamika has been such a blessing in my life, especially at a time when I've been overwhelmed with everything on my plate.  Her tireless efforts, gentle spirit, and excellent professional guidance with my resume & job search have been a true Godsend.  This lady is a wonderful balance of brilliance & kindness.  She will go very far in life while attaining her dreams & reaching tremendous success.  One of the strongest factors that will cause this to come to pass is her commitment to helping others achieve their full potential.  May God pay her back a hundredfold!!!"

~Jennifer Attaway Sanders


"™ Divine Consulting Firm, LLC (formerly T.D.H. United)   is a very professional company. Your dedication to your clients is invaluable. Thank you for what you do!"

~Crystal Neville


"Stopping by to visit your site. Nice Job! Wonderful information. Keep up the good work!"

~Dillard Cole


"Ms. Holmes provides an invaluable service into what and whom employers are looking for. She provides a great edge to anyone looking for employment in such a difficult job market today."

~Ms. Hall


"I have received some amazing responses and compliments as a result of your restructuring my resume.


  • Protective Life- contacted me via email today to review a job description to see if it would be a fit for me

  • Walgreens - Donald VaOstrand called me today as a result of the Job Fair at NRS

  • Liberty National Insurance - Continues to tug at me about a career move, which I am no longer interested as they are commission-based.

  • VonMaur - Hired me today after setting up a spur of the moment interview on Saturday. I will start to work with Von Mauron Monday if Protective Life does not offer me a grandeur position.


I can only hope and pray the Protective would have the position that I want at least to get my toe in the door.


I can't thank you enough for your kind and worthwhile assistance."


Thanks a bunch, 

~Barbara Burt


"Tamika this is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time out to invest in me! I truly appreciate and look up to you as a huge role model in my life! I'll call you as soon as I know!"

~Christina Cassida Thomas


"Tamika provides quality service, and she helps you understand your best career options.  I found a job only 2 weeks after working with Tamika.  She is the Truth!!!"

~Jonathan McDowell

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