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Career Tips that will help your resume stand out! 

  1. Write an amazing Professional Summary.

  2. Consider changing styles to a combination style resume.

Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation


  1. Check your resume for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

  2. Be sure you double check behind tools such as spell-check to ensure your resume is grammar free. Spell-check may check for misspellings only. 

  3. New grammar tool called Grammerly can help with grammatical errors:

Interview Preparation. Things to do before the interview:

  • Company Research

    • -Bring 3 facts and at least 2 questions

  • Questions to avoid: pay, benefits, and simple things you see on the company's website that you can easily answer.

  • Questions to ask: 

    • -What does a typical day in the position look like?

    • -What software and systems does your company use?

    • -What is the volume of business your company handles?

  • Find out the location of where you are going. Simple things to factor in are:

    • Traffic delays-consider construction, weather, etc.

    • Parking

    • Walking distance, security, etc.

  • Dress for the job you want!

    • Plan at least 2 outfits

    • Conservative colors-Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Tan, Gray

    • Men-conservative slacks, button down shirt, tie, matching belt and shoes

    • Ladies-conservative dress or suit with a pop of color, conservative accessories and makeup. 

    • Make sure you communicate with the employer on industry related attire for your job interview dress code.

Follow up after the Interview!


  1. Obtain a business card as a means to contact the person who interviewed you

  2. Have a prepared Thank you card ready to drop in the mail or hand to the receptionist after the interview. (Handwritten) Thanking them for their time and clarifying your strengths in the position. 

  3. Include follow-up questions at the end of your interview: How soon is your company looking to fill the position? or When can I expect to hear back about the position? 

  4. Gauge your second round of follow up on this answer. shorter periods of time may include 5 to 10 days, and longer periods may include 15 days. 


***Whatever you not stagnate your job search. Keep searching!!!***

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